About Us

Making geospatial analytics simple and accessible.

Envirometrics.io is a startup founded in Jan 2021 out of Brisbane, Australia while the co-founders were completing their PhDs together.

Our purpose is to provide environmental managers with easy to use tools to make faster and better informed decisions at scale.


In the background, we use cutting-edge geospatial analysis and machine learning combined with our in-depth environmental knowledge to create easy-to-use tools so that what initially took months, can be done in a few simple clicks.


Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We understand the importance of natural resources to the well-being of the human population. 

Envirometrics.io improves the quality of information gathered by environmental managers to increase the chances of successful environmental outcomes.


Below are the SDGs that we believe we can contribute towards the most!


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Meet The Team


Roger is completing his PhD in Mining Rehabilitation and has a background in ecological surveying and sustainability


Imam is doing his PhD in Spectral Analysis and has a background in remote sensing and mine planning

Data Scientist (Intern)

Sas is doing his PhD in Computational Biology specialising in object identification / imagery recognition

Jiafu (Dylan) Yang

Geospatial Analyst (Intern)

Dylan recently completed his MSc in Remote Sensing at the University of Queensland focusing on hydrology.

UI / UX Designer

Sanjana has a Masters in Interaction Design and has expertise in user experience.